Liveblog Workshop Wetenschapscommunicatie

Live Blog – Roy


Round 1

Press release Zembla: VW and CO-fixing is topic of the next broadcast

Minister: no action yet

Jitske: prepare Kamervragen aan Minister

Henk: no action yet

Volkswagen: no action yet

Mainstream media: ‘Volkswagen is evil’, according to Zembla, questions for Minister, Volkswagen and scientist

GEENSTIJL: no action yet


Round 2

Mainstream media: runs story on scientist: CO is harmless, Volkswagen denies ‘it is not true’, and reiterate CO is harmless, run story on Kamervragen, asks Minister ‘no crisis plan from Minister!’

Minister: ‘if accusations are correct > serious, will look into it’

Mainstream media: ‘Minister unaware of crisis’

GEENSTIJL: ‘Typical bullshit by Zembla, technical scientist confirms!’


Round 3

Police: ‘student killed himself with a VW, CO-poisoned himself; room mates are shocked’

Mainstream media: runs a story on this. Asks questions to medical specialist, they do not want to reply. Asks questions to VW: ‘you said CO was harmless, but look at this! You killed somebody, how do you feel?’ Runs story on regrets VW

Jitske: approaches Mainstream media for exclusive interview to complain about Minister

Mainstream media asks response from minister.

Friso/Zembla: full throttle on social media!

VW: ‘tragic for the student and family. We put money on suicide prevention lines.’

Minister: get a committee to look into this, try to get it in one month

GEENSTIJL: social media, ‘stop car bashing’, continue against Zembla

Scientist: no action


Round 4

Secret info leaked to Jitske: scientist has ties to VW, and was paid 20.000 for lecture

Jitske leaks to mainstream media

Scientist: yes, did that, but does not interfere

Volkswagen to mainstream media: yes, but justifiable

Zembla: on a roll

Volkswagen: sitting still, sweaty



Round 5

Secret source to GEENSTIJL: Jitske (GroenLinks) drives an old VW, does not take the train… > Jitske Hoerenhuis

Rutger goes to Jitske for interview: Jitske tries to justify, but why not a clean car?

Jitske dives

Mainstream media: passes on this issue

Volkswagen: puts more advertising up

Friso/Zembla: sitting pretty


** hint to VW, they pass it on low-key on to mainstream media: Friso spend time in jail in Germany violence at protest Greenpeace.

Mainstream media first decides to check background Friso, is verified, now go to Friso (check first this time, in stead of running immediately?)

Friso: ‘I was there, but did nothing  wrong/it was a good cause’ plus attack accuser

Mainstream media: Friso accuses VW of slander (carefully?) and Friso is left car basher

GEENSTIJL: Friso van Klageren linkse hobbyistische huillie-huillie

Scientist: no action

Jitske RTs VW slander story


Round 6

Secret tip to Zembla: GEENSTIJL got 250.000 euro’s – badly needed – advertising money

Zembla sends out press release

GEENSTIJL: full throttle defensive attack, ‘just jealous’…

Mainstream media: nothing on this one

Jitske: RT bashing GEENSTIJL

GEENSTIJL strikes back at Hoerenhuis: ‘zou u haar doen?’

Minister: sitting quietly in the background


Round 7

Columnists are acting up: GEENSTIJL is not friendly…

Mainstream media: run the story

GEENSTIJL: attack again

Mainstream media: confronts VW with ads GEENSTIJL

VW: that is peanuts, it’s just what they do at GEENSTIJL

Mainstream media rus polls on VW (popularity down, especially with women) and GEENSTIJL

Jitske RTs

Zembla RTs

GEENSTIJL ignores issue, does nothing to upset advertisers (VW) further


Round 8

Secret tip for Mainstream media: Jitske H. had an affair with spokesperson Minister, he broke up and now resentment…

Mainstream media: not running (yet) but questions out to Minister and Jitske

Volkswagen: press release we have a new PR-person, we’re stopping campaign on GEENSTIJL, and own research: most economical cars in the business

Mainstream media: interview CEO with top level media outlet

GEENSTIJL: does nothing


Round 9

Interview with CEO mainstream media is published – nice damage control

GEENSTIJL gets new info: movie clip about Loulou, drag queen, resembling Bernd Obermacher VW

GEENSTIJL puts it on Dumpert

VW: thinking about it…

New secret tip to mainstream media: Minister has secret deal to become CEO of NedCar which will produce for VW in NL

VW denies drag queen stuff!

Mainstream media ignores Obermacher case, although ‘there is a lot of fuss’.

Mainstream media runs story on Minister, asks questions to NedCar/VW and Minister (why such a slow response from her?)

Volkswagen: dives

Jitske: Kamervragen

GEENSTIJL makes Minister an offer to help her out, in exchange for advertising NedCar

Zembla runs story