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The loophole Free *what*, part 2

Last year, in April, I wrote this blog about the Loophole Free Bell Test. I made a prediction I would have to write an exciting but also rather incomprehensible press release later that year. Well, I didn’t. Science...


De handrem eraf

Dat was mooie media-aandacht, voor de quantumteleportatie van de groep van Ronald Hanson, vorige week. In Nederland was het breed in de media, maar vooral internationaal en op sociale media ging het heel hard. Internationale aandacht van...


The loophole free *what*?

It’s spectacular science: the loophole free Bell test. At least, I was told it is. So I went on Wikipedia to find out what that is about. I gave up. ‘But this will become ‘textbook material’!!’. I...